About WiSE

WiSE (World Intelligence & Security Expertise), the latest innovation by Amarante International, helps you grow globally, by providing you with the means necessary to protect your traveling workforce.

This smart platform offers public and private actors a 24/7 access to a range of innovative and customized travel management tools, allowing you to :



Plan ahead trips thanks to specific country information, including practicalities, cultural and security advice.



Anticipate events that may jeopardize your safety or your employees' thanks to our 24/7, round-the-clock alert system, with specific behavioral recommendations for each incident



Take informed decisions to protect your employees and assets abroad, thanks to analytical materials tailored to your needs and consistent with local realities

WiSE's added value


  • An innovative travel management tool
  • Over 150 countries covered
  • A customizable user interface
  • Information updated on a daily basis thanks to an extensive on-the-ground network
  • Products available both in French and English
  • A contemporary, attractive design to ensure a user-friendly experience
  • Products specifically tailored to travelers' needs and constraints (comprehensive but concise, visual, responsive design)